I had posted this a few weeks back on my linked in page. Here for posterity

As society becomes more complex, we begin to see a clear division of labour. So we all have our tasks to do, but we don't perform them in isolation. In order for us to work collectively together, we not only need to know what tasks are out there, that need to be done, or are being done (Information), but also who does what (Referral). With a strong Information and Referral system you can build networks, increase the capacity of your own agency, and share the knowledge of what can make this community better. This creates even more information that can be shared.
I challenge somebody with a better graphic sense than myself to put this into a graphic representation. I'm visualising a wheel, but having a hard time articulating it. Any takers?
In the meantime, don't be shy about sharing your programme or agency with a local I and R provider.  This is the first step to creating that network.