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Its namesake stems from my PhD research into regional identities in the late eighteenth century in what is now southern Bavaria.

I blog about issues related to information literacy, access to library resources, the environment, and the Historical Geography of Rupertsland.

Some sources regarding his life and work.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Filing 'Teachable' moments

What are the chances? two reference questions that touched on two very different aspects of my past research. I was able, without consulting external resources.

Historical Atlas that shows events of the 18th century in western europe. Was able to remind student of a resource I hadn't used in over 10 years, back when I was teaching historical geography of Europe.
treatment of women in shakespeare's time -- directed student to New Historicism and stephen greenblatt.
This experience needs to be filed as I prep for interviews as a teachable moments.  And speaking of teachable moments, have been confronted with a spectacular one, as I failed to be shortlisted for position that I've been doing for several years, and had developed an excellent rapport with the folks I was meant to serve, but perhaps not so much with my team mates.  Tricky one.  Siomebody moved my cheese, and I'm expected to make lemonade.  Watch this space, as I try to reinvent myself.  I've been told in the past I have a good broadcasting voice.  What of the voice of Information Literacy.  What shall I call myself?  Open to suggestions,

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